Planet of the Rapes

by Riot of Violence

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Released September 28, 2013

1- Nothing to Die For
2- Graves of our Dead
3- Planet of the Rapes
4- I am the Battlefield
5- March of the Squealers
6- Transhuman Dystopia
7- Fuck it All
8- Reduced Entropy Failure
9- For Sound I Shall Become


released September 28, 2013

All Music & Lyrics written by:
Riot of Violence

Produced by:
Edgar Beltri

Recorded by:
Edgar Beltri at La Atlantida Estudio & La Fundició Studio (Barcelona, Spain)

Mixed by:
Mario Patiño at La Atlantida Studio (Barcelona, Spain)

Mastered by:
Yvess Roussell at Yvess Roussell Mastering Studio (Barcelona, Spain)

Riot of Violence are:
Joan Torres - Vocals
Charlie Perez - Guitars
Oriol Conesa - Guitars
Abel Valdelvira - Bass
Eduard Grima - Drums
Ruben Ruiz - Sound Engineering



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Riot of Violence Barcelona, Spain

Melodic Death Metal Band From Barcelona.

Joan - Vocals
Oriol - Guitars
Charlie - Guitars
Abel - Bass
Edu - Drums

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Track Name: Nothing to Die For
I witnessed the final demise
when the fire blade cut the skies
but the world did not come back
Now I walk through this desert
it's time to forget my name
because maybe I never had one

after years of war, after dreams of peace
nothing is left on this graveyard
a planet of despair reduced to ashes
for those who never died and never will

a group of monks walk past me
covered in thick cloaks
they shout the end is near
and idiots will buy everything

marching with the rhythms
of a million meteor strikes
a species beyond humanity
keep the tempo with their guns

will i live 24 hours?
are there any left?
time seemed to stop
crumble and collapse

bandages for the wounds
of an imperfect creature
desperately in need for answers
to irrelevant questions

What could we expect
from a flawed design?
Under the dying sun
we all burn and rot

no time, no hope, no peace, no heroes,
no good, no evil, no gods, no mankind
nothing to die for, nothing to die for!
Track Name: Graves of our Dead
Wealthy children
of the aristocracy
revolutions start
at your command

bored, demoralized
confused and frustrated
you're setting goals for
our own alienation

dancing on the graves of our dead!

now we're told
how to eat
how to walk
even how to fuck.

perpetual fraud,
useless cultures
like the ones from the past
and the ones yet to come

dancing on the graves of our dead!

the precious tool we created
now becomes our god,
our alpha and omega,
controlling us from high above

a new invention to worship
where flies will gather,
building a new frame for us
to please our minds and intellects

what ties us to our ghosts
blinds us from the world
always searching outside
to find something inside
always searching inside
to find something outside

we are slaves of our own condition!
Track Name: Planet of the Rapes
Have you seen what lurks in the dark?
what creeps across the soil?

those motherfuckers should not exist
one bite and you are out
cut their goddamn rainforests
and nuke them all for good

reptile fuckers won't give a shit
because Rome was built in one day
burnt and sacked during one night
and the party never stopped

the emperor Caligula shall rise
bearing the banner of the deceased
every patrician will be impaled
all hail the Reich of a thousand years

as we all hide in the mountains
waiting for the gods... to return
the same ones who fucked female apes
thousands of years ago...

bored and horny stranded travelers
who ended up sodomizing each other
annihilating local flora and fauna
creating the best species of the earth

kings and queens living in castles
princesses raping toads for some reward

a single jackass can become
the center of the universe
throwing feces at all of us
while we live in fairy tales
but it's never enough
realizing nothing matters, does not matter
the only true religion we can embrace
is the almighty booze and the wet cunt
Track Name: I Am the Battlefield
"As you well know, appearances can be deceiving
which brings me back to the reason why we're here
we are not here because we're free...
we are here because we're not free
there's no escaping reason, no denying purpose
because as we both know, without purpose
we would not exist..."

Cycles repeat through time
expansions and contractions
life appears out of nowhere
ready to be sacrificed

destruction and violence,
predation and cruelty,
seem to be the only truths
eternally present everywhere

present everywhere!

why creating something endable?
is failure its real goal?
the idea loses all meaning
if creation is based on a model

but self-conscious, mutated monkeys
make better manual labor
and are very easily tricked
into believing their lives are meaningful

So in the end, if this universe is
a self controlled system
there is no need for any of them
let'em die in their battlefield

"I really should thank you for, after all,
it was your life that taught me
the purpose of all life...
the purpose of life is to end"

to end
to struggle
to survive and just fucking die

purpose creates us
connects us, pulls us
guides us, drives us
defines us and binds us

There is always causality
and a reason for everything
neither good nor bad
so forget about "meanings"
Track Name: March of the Squealers
From teachers to so called experts
from salesmen to news anchors
all I see, paternal figures
trying to mold our behavior

The Squealers are unleashed
but they're just the forefront
the nice, charming facade
of the system that lurks behind

Reality is bent in so many ways
we are forced to believe these truths
sounds so logic, confusing baffle
"i believe it, buy it and worship it"

Obtaining reflexes by conditioning
standardizing all ideas and traits
as we dilute into vulgarity
and then complete our alienation

The fallacy of happiness
by acquiring material goods
The myth of endless progress
the better angels of our nature

Every unit must believe in heroes
None must ever leave the farm

Abstraction of nation
servitude to the state
the idiocy that work dignifies man
adhering to systems of thought

Bringing order out of chaos
apocalypse for the new order
Track Name: Transhuman Dystopia
On their quest for immortality
forced genetic mutations are mandatory
for the advancement of our
technologically participant evolution

side effects called eugenics
adequations reduced to equations
to divide and manufacture
any trace of reality

unsound idealizations
devised by onanists

all lost in a world of fantasy
and a realm of perfect concepts

renewing patches on a never-healing wound

new crooked branches
confronting their trunk
trying to be the new tree

revisiting obsolete designs
improving the greatest resource

artificiality as supreme law
and ultimate ideology

no more males or females
just a bunch of androgens
like the alien figures
perpetuated in our minds

our saviors and healers
our designers and farmers

searching a way to transcend
to reach the highest and the ideal
to sit next to some god
and finally behead them all

like the one who stole the fire
we will live for all eternity
his liver was his payment
ours: lifelong enslavement

may our guardians lead us out of the cave

happily ever after
in this brave new world!!!

science is just a means to an end;
the means are obtaining knowledge;
and the end is total control
please, just do the fucking math...
Track Name: Fuck it All
Fuck all forms of government and the law
Fuck the UN and the EU
Fuck the military and all public servants
Fuck the NGOs and all those self-righteous activists

Fuck the monetary system and all corporations
Fuck Hollywood and the media
Fuck political correctness and stereotypes
Fuck marketing and all forms of propaganda

Fuck the christians and the jews
Fuck the muslims and the satanists
Fuck the hindus and the buddhists
Fuck the pagans and all who believe in scientific dogma

Fuck ecology and recycling
Fuck global warming and the electric cars
Fuck animal rights and the vegetarians
Fuck the environment and fuck Gaia

Fuck the royalties and the aristocracy
Fuck the bourgeoisie and their bankers
Fuck the political class and the burocrats
Fuck the proletarians and the peasants

Fuck domestication and education
Fuck civilization and the human rights
Fuck all cultures and their utopias
Fuck the never-ending paradigm and its dialectics


Fuck everything else left to be fucked
and fuck you
Track Name: Reduced Entropy Failure
Existence expands through lots of
processes of selection
diversity is needed equality is nothing but
the greatest enforcer

beyond the layers
lies its matter

the ultimate entity
trying to unify and waiting to be unified
lies deep inside at the core of our own
metaphysical nature

carved in the first stones at the dawn of history
a system with nature a nature with laws and all laws with constants
incoming input transformed into output and feedback
standardized, unified, classified, stratified

destructive subject regimenting our similarities

greatest abstraction
trying to explain everything
as if anything
needed to be explained

all matter undergo a final state in its evolution

with the brutality of unconformism
lead by logical thinking
considering every part as something
unique and beautiful

dividing all matter to the smallest quarks

until the last subatomic cloud
rules the entire universe
and leaves no fucking trace of what once was
unique and beautiful
Track Name: For Sound I Shall Become
Left here, I've been put to rest
the system failed to save me
a devouring pain conquers my body
and the last vestige of hope is gone

am I ready for this? is this the end?
i see those I leave as i drown
they can't drag me back, to the shore
the tide has caught me inside the spiral

all the images from the past seem to blur
experiences, feelings, emotions, thoughts
they don't really matter anymore

and the darkest shadow crosses my face
with my last breath i will raise my fists
trying to take hold of the light

that light surrounding me
as i wither away

I crawl back, slowly to where i belong
there are no valleys, no rivers
only the emptiness and the void
projected from my cortex

and so, one last time I must dream
while the whole multiverse moves around me
and the face of death is the only thing left
as a reminder of the prize that must be paid

but even death itself shall fade away
and the pulses will rebound through galaxies
amongst quasars and binary star systems

across asteroid belts and clouds of cosmic dust
escaping the gravitational pull of all black holes
to the farthest places of every universe

repeating vibrations in every particle
in every structure of matter
regardless of how long it's going to take
for sound I shall become